Our portfolio of Bluetooth solutions includes transceivers, network processors and modules supporting Bluetooth Smart (4.0 and 4.1) and Bluetooth Classic (3.0).

In particular, our Bluetooth Smart network processors – BlueNRG, BlueRNG-MS, embedding the whole Bluetooth low-energy master and slave certified stack - are featuring ultra-low power consumption together with an excellent RF link budget as requested by accessories and wearable devices to extend operation upon battery recharge. With their on-chip non-volatile memory they enable an easy and quick firmware upgrade.

ST modules for Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Classic - - are based on our transceivers and network processors and are equipped with antenna, xtal and balun. They come with the embedded Bluetooth stack to provide a BQE End Product qualified solution that is also fully RF, ETSI, IC and FCC certified, thus ensuring quick integration into the final application and providing an easy-to-use solution, reducing the time to market cycle, with low development cost and very low integration risk. Our ICs and module are supported by an extensive set of evaluation boards, software, firmware and application notes.