Discover how STM32 ODE can help delevopers (3:08)

Guided tour into STM32 ODE and how it can help developers turn bright ideas into great products

eDesignSuite (05:51)

The smart way to design power management applications

SPC5 32-bit automotive MCUs - an introduction (4:35)

Introduction to 32-bit Power Architecture MCUs

Product overview - STM32 32-bit MCUs family (16:03)

The STM32 family of 32 bit Flash microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M processor is designed to offer new degrees of freedom to MCU users. It offers a 32 bit product range that combines very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low power, low voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

How to measure ULPBench score (5:31)

STM32L4 MCUs have scored 176.7 in the standardized EEMBC™ ULPBench® at 3.0 v and 334 at 1.8 v (with STM bench) that compare the efficiency of ultra-low-power microcontrollers.

Product overview of Nucleo-32 board for STM32 (5:59)

This Video will present Nucleo, Nucleo-32 and give details about Nucleo-32. Nucleo 32-pin is compact but compatible with less shield boards.

Application Store Demo on STM32F746G-DISCO powered by MicroEJ (1:29)

MicroEJ Store running on STMicroelectronics STM32F746G-DISCO (ARM Cortex-M7 @216 MHz, 480×272 LCD display, 16-bit colors)

Welcome to the Accordo World (2:47)

An overview of the Accordo family of infotainment processors

Getting started with three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board (3:19)

earn how to unpack and install X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1, three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board based on L6230 STPIN motor driver

Getting started with three-phase brushless motor driver expansion board (3:36)

learn how to unpack and install X-NUCLEO-IHM11M1, low voltage three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board based on STSPIN230

ST25 NFC solutions (04:37)

STMicroelectronics complements its NFC/RFID offering with the acquisition of ams’ NFC and RFID Reader Assets. The ST25 family of tags, dynamic tags and readers now includes new state-of-the-art reader solutions for a wide of range of applications such as Point Of Sales Terminals, Automotive, Access Control, Logistics, Industrial

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