Secure Product Offer  (1:17)

Truly flexible payment platform

Automotive SPC5 motor control toolkit (10:00)

Toolkit for field-oriented 3-phase motor control

Wireless Home CO detector (06:12)

With today’s technologies, users can also receive an alert on their phone or a wearable device. ST’s S2-LP, sub-1GHz RF transceiver and the TSU111 operational amplifiers together with STM32 enable such enhanced alarms.

Getting started with STM32 Nucleo glas sensing evaluation pack (04:02)

The P-NUCLEO-IKA02A1 pack is a ready to use CO detector including an STM32 Nucleo expansion board based on two TSU111 Op Amps and a Figaro TGS5141 CO sensor

FDA801 - Best Car Radio ClassD efficiency on the market (3:42)

Get started with ST's FDA801 - Best Car Radio ClassD efficiency on the market - 4x50 W class-D digital input power amplifier with I2C diagnostics and low voltage operation

Getting Started with STM32L4+Discovery Kit  (04:29)

Check out how to get started with our STM32L4R9I Discovery Kit which gives you access to a 1.2 inch 390x390 pixel LCD screen with capacitive touch screen!

TouchGFX : Sportswatch Demo on a STM32L4R9I-EVAL (2:55)

STM32L4R9 Evaluation board running a TouchGFX demo application. An example of how you can benefit from the unique features of STM32L4+ series to bring sharper user experiences to wearables and smart objects with a best-in class battery life time.

Getting started with Drone Flight Control Unit (6:53)

Step-by-step guide to build a mini drone based on STEVAL-FCU001 Flight Control Unit and fly it in minutes

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