We aim to create innovative devices that have a positive impact on our planet, business and people's lives.

What makes a product responsible?
A responsible product demonstrates energy-saving, environmental, or social benefits to society, such as reducing the energy consumption of the end-application, saving natural resources, reducing emissions, or providing medical or safety solutions.
We define 3 categories of Responsible Products

Devices that are power efficient or enable end-users to reduce their consumption or switch to green energy. 
Devices that help save resources and protect the environment. For example solutions that require less water, paper, plastic or chemicals, reduce emissions or generate renewable energy.
Devices that provide new solutions to improve the end users' quality of life. For example medical or health-related products, safety applications, or solutions for developing countries.

Our innovation ladder
We evaluate our products and then award stars to indicate their value to society, awarding 1, 2 or 3 stars according to the level of innovation achieved by the product:

  • 3 Stars - Solves a problem with a new solution for the market
  • 2 Stars - Significantly improves an existing solution through cutting-edge innovation
  • 1 Star   - Improves an existing solution