In 2011 we introduced a new element to our Sustainable Technology program, called STAR Responsible Products, which aims to identify and promote innovative products that provide clear environmental and social benefits to society, such as reducing the energy consumption of the end-application, saving resources, protecting the environment, or providing new social solutions which improve the end-user's quality of life:

What makes a responsible product?

To be eligible as a STAR Responsible Product, an ST product must enable the following key functionalities of the final application:



  • Social: Embedded in applications dedicated to physical well-being, safety, personal security, improving quality of life
  • Energy saving: Either focused on the ST chip itself or on the application
  • Environment: Contributes to resources savings and environmental preservation


STAR rating

  • 1 STAR: Incremental improvement to existing offering
  • 2 STAR: Significant improvement to exising offering
  • 3 STAR: New and drastic improvement to existing offering

The STAR rating captures the degree of innovation on specific environmental or social characteristics at the time of its development. The three levels of innovation are essentially incremental, significant and breakthrough and they are applied based on a qualitative evaluation in the case of social products and a quantitative evaluation, which refers to the level of innovation vs. the market and vs. the previous generation of the chip. 



You can read more on our Sustainable Technology program in ST Sustainability reports.