Our ambition is to create value for global and local stakeholder communities through constructive, transparent engagement and collaboration, and by ensuring we conduct our operations with the highest level of business integrity. The work of the ST Foundation is another way we contribute to social development in local communities.

Effective engagement has the potential to benefit many stakeholders, including the local community population, local suppliers and business partners, academic institutions, government and general civil society. Our community pillar is not managed through a single department. Instead community engagement forms a central pillar of our corporate culture, with all sites managing their own partnerships and programs.

Whilst our approach to community engagement may vary depending on the region, activity and the nature of the stakeholder relationship, the final objective remains the same: to develop mutually beneficial partnerships and projects that add value to local communities as well as providing us with valuable insights in to our potential risks and operational impacts.

Community Involvement

Our Community Involvement Charter provides general guidance to all of our sites on how to engage with local communities. It is the role of Sustainable Excellence Coordinators and Site Managers to adapt these guidelines to help develop their own specific local projects and partnerships. Every year all of our local initiatives’ inputs, outputs and impacts are evaluated at Group-level using the London Benchmarking Group’s methodology for assessing companies’ contributions to society.

ST Foundation and its ‘Digital Unify’ activities are included in the Charter and annual evaluations.

Partnerships in R&D and education

ST’s R&D programs generate value for our business partners, and help us to keep pace with the industry’s most innovative companies. Another indicator of our productive engagement with local communities is our partnerships with academic institutions, enabling us to foster and attract the best young minds.

Public affairs and industry networking

ST’s primary objective for public affairs engagement and industry networking is to promote the electronic industry in all countries and across a wide range of communities with whom we interact. No matter the location, the objective is the same even if the approach may vary according to the country and culture.

In our key markets, Europe and Asia, relationships with national and international governmental bodies and industry organizations are managed at a senior level by Gérard Matheron, Site Director of ST Crolles (France), Pietro Palella, Managing Director of STMicroelectronics Italy and François Guibert, Executive Vice President of Greater China and South Asia Region.

For more information on ST involvement in governmental and industry organization, click here.