Privacy Policy

"At STMicroelectronics, our culture begins and ends with the Customer; service quality is our number one priority. On-line, our aim is to provide an environment where information is easily targeted, quickly accessed and efficiently retrieved. In line with usual e-business practices, STMicroelectronics does not request personal information from visitors prior to accessing any section of the Company's public web sites. Identifying information (name, address, etc.) is required only when web site visitors interact with STMicroelectronics or ask for a specific service or information".

By accessing our public web site, we will be able to collect the following information used for statistical and/or marketing purposes:

- Your IP address that is requesting a page
- Region of the world you are requesting the page from
- Your Browser type - Your operating system

We may also use third-party service providers to monitor traffic patterns to show how and when visitors use our site. These monitoring technologies may use cookies where authorized by STMicroelectronics. This information is used to improve site design and enhance the visitor experience. The information collected by these means is anonymous and does not personally identify the visitor. Note that browser Privacy Options may offer user control over the acceptance of both first and third party cookies.

When you accept to submit a registration form you are asked to provide at least your name and e-mail address. Sometimes we may ask you to specify your centers of interest and the market segment in which you are working. We may also ask for details of the project (application) for which you are submitting a request.

We also use cookies to collect and store your profile information. Cookies are used to provide you with an advanced browsing experience. As an example, we may use cookies to remember your preferences or to avoid the resubmission of a registration form that you have already fulfilled. Information that you provide explicitly may be used for the following purposes:

- Statistics
- Promotion and Correspondence (if you accept to be contacted)
- Communication
- Purposes specifically related to your registration interest.

Information that you provide explicitly is not communicated outside STMicroelectronics, except when it is mandatory to provide the information to a third party to supply a service that you have explicitly requested.
From STMicroelectronics web site you may be redirected to third parties' web sites.
STMicroelectronics does not control third parties' web sites; therefore we kindly recommend that you read the privacy policy available in these web sites.

User profile observation 
STMicroelectronics matches the information you explicitly provide with the observation of the activity you perform within the web site. All information collected increases our knowledge about your profile in order to better serve you.
The information may be used to personalize the information delivered to your Browser.

The information may also be used to communicate with you via e-mail and/or to make offers to you while visiting our web site.
E-mail communication can be avoided if you opt-out of receiving future marketing e-mailings.

Because they are necessary to enable us to adequately provide our services, you cannot opt-out of receiving administrative communications related to your registration, such as in the case of a registration confirmation.

Privacy Policy Changes
This policy was updated on July 8th 2005