• 4~12ループのワンチップ・ソリューション
  • 4ループおよび8ループのスクイブ・ドライバなどの分散機能デバイス
  • エアバッグ・システムに必要なすべての電圧レールとインタフェースに対応する電源チップ
  • センサ通信トランシーバ


ST’s complete airbag electronics solution

Airbag system producers can now satisfy the complete system functional requirements by teaming:

* a choice of three airbag system ICs, the L9678P, L9679P, and L9680 meeting the demands of applications ranging from entry or mid-level to high-end vehicles with multiple airbag firing loops. These devices, which integrate system power management, sensor interfaces, switch interfaces, and arming safety logic, are responsible for decoding the sensor data and forwarding results to the microcontroller.

* the new AIS1120SX or AIS2120SX central crash sensors with peripheral accelerometers like ST’s AIS1200PS installed on structures such as bumpers and door pillars.

* the ST’s SPC5 32-bit Power Architecture® MCUs, including Safety Lines devices.

SPC56 P-Line and SPC56 L-Line are dedicated to the specific needs of chassis and safety applications, with specific focus on functional safety up to turnkey SIL3/ASILD solution based on HW measures. The unique modularity and scalability of the architecture provides compatible devices covering the wide range of airbag solutions.

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