ST’s set-top box SoCs bring a world of media into your living room. Our portfolio ranges from solutions for simple broadcast TV content (cable, digital terrestrial or satellite), to complete solutions offering internet media and operator-specific applications.

Built on ARM® architecture, our device portfolio permits easy porting of applications between platforms.

Main benefits include:

  • Powerful ARM® processing cores permitting support for both broadcast and broadband content
  • Support for the latest decoding standards, such as HEVC
  • Compatibility with all major middlewares
  • Compatibility with all broadcast standards
  • Advanced security
  • Very low power-consumption, meeting energy targets set by EnergyStar and EU standards

HD HEVC set-top box SoCs

ST’s new HD HEVC Liege3 family of chipsets for entry set-top-box markets includes  satellite variants (STiH337/STiH332xCx/STiH332xVx), cable-market products (STiH372) and IPTV set-top-box devices (STiH307/STi302).

The new chipset family combines the latest architectures used in ST’s Cannes (STiH310/STiH312/318) products with optimized IPs to deliver future-proof SoCs with high integration. This will enable large-scale migration of entry set-top boxes towards HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding).

The new devices benefit from a scalable hardware and software architecture enabling flexible platform configurations to reach optimized price/user experience ratio across the different HD HEVC entry set-top-box segments. All chipsets in the new ARM-based family are pin-to-pin compatible to facilitate design re-use among the different broadcast technologies. Software compatibility with ST’s Cannes SoC family enables OEMs to benefit from the comprehensive ecosystem in order to easily design innovative client boxes on multiple middleware products.

Features include:

  • ARM® CPU capable of delivering up to 5K DMIPS for advanced user interface and complex middleware;
  • Mali™ 400 GPU for fluid user interface and HTML5 support on connected platforms;
  • HEVC 10-bit performance proven by extensive interoperability tests performed with all major encoder providers;
  • A rich set of future-proof connectivity options including Ethernet, USB 3, PCIe, HDMI;
  • Integrated DVB-C or DVB-S2X demodulator;
  • HDR support
  • Advanced security engine enabling CAS- and DRM-based secure video- content protection;
  • 28nm FD-SOI (Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator) technology, providing highly-efficient RF and analog integration as well as outstanding power efficiency at all operating levels, enabling very small fan-less designs.