Nfcv-Reader Android App sample code

The NFC V-reader (STSW-M24LR012) is an application for Android smart phones with NFC capability.

It allows communication with ISO15693 products such as STMicroelectronics tags (LRIxx family) and Dynamic NFC/RFID Tags (M24LRxx family).

Reading and writing NDEF messages possible thanks to the NFC feature of the Android OS.

Other features, such as file transfer (upload or download), binary read and write are provided with this application.

Password, Lock sectors and Energy harvesting management functionalities are available for the M24LR products.

Key Features

  • Read / Write NDEF message, NFC forum compliant example
    • テキスト
    • URI
  • Tag information retrieval (e.g. UID, Product Name, Manufacturer, Memory)
  • NDEF, ISO/IEC 15693 and Dual Interface EEPROM contactless tag (NFC-V specifications ongoing at NFC forum)
  • Basic operations (Read, Write)
  • Password management on STMicroelectronics products
  • Energy harvesting on STMicroelectronics products
  • Compliant with other manufacturer tags



Description バージョン サイズ
DB2703 DB2703: NFC V-reader Android application 1.0 332 KB


Description バージョン サイズ
SLA0052 SLA0052: Mix_MyLiberty V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 2.9 107 KB

ツール & ソフトウェア

STM32 Open Development Environment
Product Evaluation Tools


製品型番 Software Version Marketing Status Supplier Order from ST
STSW-M24LR012 5.0 Active ST


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