Common mode filter with ESD protection for high speed serial interface

The ECMF02-2BF3 is a highly integrated common mode filter designed to suppress EMI/RFI common mode noise on high speed differential serial buses like MIPI D-PHY, MDDI, USB 2.0 and HDMI.

The ECMF02-2BF3 can protect and filter one differential lane.

Key Features

  • Very large differential bandwidth above 5 GHz
  • High common mode attenuation:
    • - 23 dB at 900 MHz.
  • High common mode attenuation:
    • - 20 dB between 800 MHz and 2.2 GHz.
  • Very low PCB space consumption: <1.1mm2
  • Thin package: 0.50 mm max. after reflow
  • Lead-free package
  • High reduction of parasitic elements through integration
  • Complies with the following standard:
    • IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 input and output pins:
      • ±15 kV (air discharge)
      • ±8 kV (contact discharge)



Description バージョン サイズ
DS7161 DS7161: Dual line IPAD™, common mode filter with ESD protection for high speed serial interface 2.0 426 KB
DB1549 DB1549: Dual line IPAD™, common mode filter with ESD protection for high speed serial interface 1.0 43 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
AN4356 AN4356: Antenna desense on handheld equipment 1.2 1 MB
AN4511 AN4511: Common mode filters 2.0 969 KB
AN3353 AN3353: IEC 61000-4-2 standard testing 1.2 171 KB
AN4540 AN4540: MHL link filtering and protection 1.1 2 MB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description バージョン サイズ
TN1173 TN1173: Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches 5.0 1 MB

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD
Description バージョン サイズ
ECMF02-2BF3 S-parameter model (.sxp) 1.0 353 KB

プレゼンテーション & トレーニング資料

Description バージョン サイズ
ECMF™series portfolio overview : common-mode filters embedding ESD protection 1.0 875 KB
USB 2.0 protection and IPAD™ solutions presentation 2.0 707 KB
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Publications and Collaterals

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サンプル & 購入

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ECMF02-2BF3 Active 100 0.127 Chip Scale Package 0.4mm pitch Tape And Reel - - NEC EAR99 CHINA MORE INFO サンプル入手 買い物かごに追加 DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY

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品質 & 信頼性

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ECMF02-2BF3 アクティブChip Scale Package 0.4mm pitchIndustrialEcopack2 0 0

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