Filter-free stereo 2.8 W Class-D audio power amplifier demo board with selectable 3D sound effects based on the TS4999

This demonstration board is designed to evaluate the performances of TS4999, that is a stereo fully differential Class-D power amplifier.

It can drive up to 1.35 W into a 8 Ω load at 5 V per channel. The device has four different gain settings utilizing two discrete pins, G0 and G1.

Pop and click reduction circuitry provides low on/off switch noise while allowing the device to start within 8 ms.

3D enhancement effects are selected through one digital input pin that allows more amazing stereo audio sound.

Two standby pins (active low) allow each channel to be switched off separately.

The TS4999 is available in a 18 bumps Flip-Chip package.

Key Features

  • Output short-circuit and thermal shutdown protection
  • Fast start-up phase: 7.8 ms
  • RoHS compliant
  • Low current consumption
  • Four gain setting steps: 3.5, 6, 9.5 and 12 dB.
  • Operating range from VCC = 2.4 V to 5.5 V
  • Output power per channel: 2.8 W at 5 V into 4 Ω with 10% THD+N
  • Dedicated standby mode active low for each channel
  • Selectable 3D sound effect
  • PSRR: 63 dB typ @ 217 Hz.
  • Output power per channel: 0.7 W at 3.6 V into 8 Ω with 1% THD+N max.





Description バージョン サイズ
DB0843 DB0843: Filter-free stereo 2.8 W Class-D audio power amplifier demo board with selectable 3D sound effects based on the TS4999 1.1 97 KB


Board Manufacturing Specifications
Description バージョン サイズ
Gerber files for STEVAL-CCA016V1 board 1.0 372 KB
Bill of Materials
Description バージョン サイズ
BOM for STEVAL-CCA016V1 board 1.0 7 KB
Schematic Packs
Description バージョン サイズ
Board schematics for STEVAL-CCA016V1 board 1.0 47 KB


Description バージョン サイズ
Demo products licence agreement 3.2 22 KB
Evaluation products license agreement 1.0 125 KB
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STEVAL-CCA016V1 NRNDCARDIndustrialEcopack2

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