185 W power supply with PFC and standby supply for LED TV using the L6564, L6599A, and VIPER27L

The EVL185W-LEDTV is a high-end demonstration board tailored to the specifications of a typical LED TV application. The peculiarities of this design are the very high average efficiency of about 90%, without synchronous rectification, and very low no load consumption of 100 mW at 230 Vac. The result is that this converter is compliant to the most demanding ENERGY STAR® eligibility criteria. The architecture is made up of two sections, based on a three-stage approach: a 10 W standby supply using the new VIPer27L, which delivers the 5 V standby dedicated to supplying the microprocessor and the logic circuitry, and a bigger section composed of a front-end PFC, using the new TM L6564 and an LLC resonant converter, using the L6599A, delivering three output voltages: 12 V dedicated to supplying the TV panel, 24 V to supplying the audio power amplifiers, and 130 V dedicated to the backlight.

The PFC stage delivers 400 V constant voltage and acts as the pre-regulator for both the LLC stage and the standby supply.

An external signal, referred to secondary ground, turns the PFC and the LLC stage on and off.

Key Features

  • Universal input mains range: 90÷264 Vac - frequency 45÷65 Hz
  • Output voltage 1: 130 V ±8 % at 620 mA for backlight
  • Output voltage 2: 24 V ±8 % at 2 A for audio supply
  • Output voltage 3: 12 V ±1 % at 4 A for panel supply
  • Output voltage 4: 5 V ±2 % at 2 A for microprocessor supply
  • Mains harmonics: acc. to EN61000-3-2 Class-D or JEITA-MITI Class-D
  • Standby mains consumption: <170 mW at 230 Vac with 50 mW load
  • Overall efficiency at full load: >90%
  • EMI: according to EN55022-Class-B
  • Safety: according to EN60065
  • Dimensions: 115x204 mm, 25 mm maximum component height from PCB
  • PCB: single side, 70 μm, CEM-1, mixed PTH/SMT introduction
  • RoHS compliant





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DB1268 DB1268: 185 W power supply with PFC and standby supply for LED TV based on the L6564, L6599A and Viper27L 1.1 115 KB


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BOM for EVL185W-LEDTV board 1.0 43 KB
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Board schematics for EVL185W-LEDTV board 1.0 71 KB


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Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB
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