ST’s ultra‐low‐power MCU platform is based on a proprietary ultra‐low‐leakage technology and optimized design.

The wide portfolio offers a large choice of MCUs from the STM8L (8‐bit proprietary core) up to the STM32L4 (ARM® Cortex®‐M4) including the STM32L0 (ARM® Cortex®‐M0+) and the STM32L1 (ARM® Cortex®‐M3). ST’s ultra‐low‐power solution is the right choice
for applications operating on a battery or supplied by energy harvesting, which require an extra-long life.

With the industry’s lowest current variation between 25 and 125 °C, STM8L/STM32L solutions guarantee outstandingly low current consumption at elevated temperatures. The MCUs reach the industry's lowest power consumption of 170 nA in lowest power mode
with SRAM retention. Wake‐up times have also been taken into consideration and are as low as 3.5 μs from Stop mode.

The new STM32L4 series offers the excellence of ST’s ultra‐low‐power platform with an additional performance dimension by providing
100 DMIPS with DSP instructions and floating‐point unit (FPU), more memory (up to 1 Mbyte of Flash memory) and innovative features.

The STM32L0 series offers a genuine energy-saving solution for entry‐level applications. Available in tiny packages down to 14 pins
and with a wide range of Flash memory densities from 8 to 192 Kbytes, the STM32L0 combines ultra‐low power consumption with
a competitive portfolio.

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