Achieve the highest performances with minimized complexity

STNRG digital controllers for power conversion

No need to deep-dive into DSP complexity to grasp all the advantages of digitally-implemented switched-mode converters.  STNRG digital controllers help designers obtain higher efficiency and enhanced safety in mid- and high-power converters for industrial switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), solar-power converters or charging stations for electric vehicles (EV).

STNRG digital controllers are based on the combination of event-driven state machine (SMED), high-resolution pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators triggered by internal and external events, such as peak current, over current or zero crossing, that handle time-critical tasks in the converter’s control loop and an STM8-based core dedicated to supervisory tasks.

STNRG digital controllers can be selected in three options six (STNRG388A, TSSOP38 package), five (STNRG328A, VFQFPN32) or four (STNRG288A, TSSOP28) SMEDs to fit different power converter architectures.

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