これらの製品は200 mA~1.2 Aの充電電流を供給し、充電可能なあらゆる化学リチウム・イオン電池に使用できます。

Wireless battery charger solution optimized for wearables

The combination of ST’s STWBC-WA wireless charging-transmitter controller and STWLC04 wireless battery-charger receiver enables power transfers up to 1 W over a coil of only 11 mm in diameter on the receiver side and 20 mm on the transmitter side for slimmer form factors.
Power-transfer capability can be increased to 3 W by using larger coils and a full-bridge circuit on the transmitter side.
This fully-featured chipset supports wireless-charging for Li-ion or Li-polymer battery chemistries and provides safety mechanisms such as Foreign-Object Detection (FOD).
You can jump-start your wireless-charging design with the plug-and-play STEVAL-ISB038V1 evaluation kit which includes receiver and transmitter boards as well as a GUI to monitor system behavior and fine-tune parameters.