STのEnFilm™薄膜電池は、新しいコンセプトの超薄型(160 µm)充電式固体電池です。高速の定電圧充電が可能で、10年(4,000サイクル)以上の長寿命を特長としています。

最新のEnFilm技術で作られた新製品EFL1K0AF39は、内部抵抗を低減し(25°C時に43%減)、セラミック基板(雲母不使用)を用いて環境に配慮した新しいパッケージ(フットプリント25.8 x 28.8mm)に封止されています。

EFL1K0AF39 evaluation kit and NFC power board now available

The design of solid state thin film battery EnFilm™ EFL1K0AF39 powered applications can now be evaluated and supported thanks to ST’s newly available kit and boards:

  • The new EFL2-NFC-PMB – EnFilm NFC power management board kit – includes a NFC contactless smart charger board and an EnFilm ultra-low current consumption power management solution – EFL1K0AF39 footprint-sized. The EFL2-NFC-PMB kit can be directly connected in the application for quick performance evaluation.
  • The EFL2-EVALKIT – EnFilm evaluation kit – includes the EFL2-NFC-PMB board as well as an EnFilm load board with analog ammeter and digital voltmeter that enable the discovery of the performance of the EFL1K0AF39 by monitoring the voltage and the dynamic charge / discharge current in real use-case conditions. It also includes a pulsed load emulator to simulate applications that wake from sleep mode periodically.