L7987L and L7987 buck regulators

New 2A (L7987L) and 3A (L7987) switching regulators designed to meet stringent fail safe requirements of industrial 24VDC systems like programmable logic controllers (PLC):

  • Wide input operating voltage (VIN) from 4.5 V to 61 V and 0.8 V to VIN adjustable output voltage to fit a wide variety of application requirements
  • Adjustable switching frequency from 250 kHz to  1.5 MHz and low shut down (11 µA typ) and operating (1 mA typ ) quiescent current for high efficiency
  • Adjustable current limitation and Peak current digital frequency fold-back in short-circuit help reduce strain on the power components
  • Output voltage sequencing and synchronization improve noise reduction when using multiple ICs

An easy-to-use evaluation board (STEVAL-ISA152V1) based on the L7987 regulator is available to help you configure and evaluate application parameters so you can reach higher efficiency, higher power density and lower standby power designs.

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