• 高い接合部温度でも、フル・パワーでクラス最高の性能を発揮することで競合他社を容易に凌駕
  • SMDおよび軸型パッケージの3000Wおよび5000Wデバイス
  • 5~180Vの単方向および双方向デバイス


Extended voltage range for 3 kW TVS in SMC package

The SMC30J Transil™ series protects sensitive equipment with power and datalines between 5 and 48 V against surges below 3000 W with a 10/1000 μs surge waveform and against electro-static discharges according to IEC 61000-4-2 for contact discharges up to 30 kV. Planar technology makes it compatible with high-end equipment and SMPSs where a low leakage current and high junction temperature are required to provide reliability and stability over time. The SMC30J TVS – now with a rated stand-off voltage from 10 to 48 V – are housed in a SMC package having a footprint compliant with IPC 7531 standards.