Sustainability principles have been integrated into our core business practices and products for more than 20 years. At ST our company ethos is not only about placing our people and the environment at the heart of the way we operate, but is also about constantly finding ways to innovate and create products that improve the quality of life of the people who use them and that help address major societal challenges in energy-saving, healthcare and security. In other words, this is the pursuit of what we at ST call “life.augmented”.  

Our approach to sustainability is set out at a high level in ST’s, Code of Conduct; and in a more operational way, in our Sustainability strategy, which is updated regularly to ensure we remain focused on addressing our most material sustainability issues and is fully aligned with ST’s business strategy and stakeholders’ expectations.

Sustainability strategy Governance Stakeholder engagement
In 2014, ST revised its Sustainability strategy which now addresses 13 key priorities grouped in three pillars: Business, People, Environment & Operations. ST manages sustainability in line with main international standards and guidelines, as outlined in our Company’s Code of Conduct. In the interconnected world we operate in today, it is essential that we open and maintain dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their expectations and concerns.
Sustainability ratings and indices Involvement in networks Sustainability reports
ST receives questionnaires from extra-financial rating agencies throughout the year and endeavors to respond to them completely and transparently. You can access our latest results here. ST aims to promote the electronic industry’s potential in all countries where we operate. ST’s employees are members of, or participate in, many industry and international organizations. ST has been publishing reports on its extra-financial performance since 1997. You can read our latest Sustainability report and our archives here.