ST is committed to reducing the impact of our products on the environment and continually improve the quality of life of the end-user through different ways. Sustainable Technology is ST's single framework to strive to this objective and consists of three main elements: Compliance, Eco-design and STAR Responsible Products.

Since 1993 and the first stages of its environmental strategy, ST has been fully committed to reducing any negative effects of its activities and its products on humans and the planet as a whole. In ST Environment, Health and Safety Decalogue, objectives in terms of eco-design and responsible products covered the three axis of ST new Sustainable Technology program.

ST approach to Sustainable Technology

Compliance with legislation and with our customers’ requirements represents the baseline for our efforts, while eco-design activities aim to show the environmental impact of our product across all stages of their life cycle, resulting in a product environmental footprint. The objective of the third element ”Responsible Products”, is to identify those ST products that provide clear environmental and social benefits to society as part of our life.augmented strategy.

Compliance Eco-design

STAR Responsible Products

Product Compliance includes a number of individual programs that aim to demonstrate our alignment with the key expectations of our customers and other stakeholders (ECOPACK®, Material Declaration, Conflict-free Minerals, HSPM).

The underlying objective of eco-design from ST’s perspective is to measure, determine and then reduce the environmental impact of new products across the life cycle e.g. CO2 emissions, water.

Rating of the level of innovation of ST devices in key social and environmental categories e.g. health & fitness, safety & security, energy-saving.