ST offers ultrafast diodes with various VF/tRR trade-offs to achieve the best performance for any application.

1200 V soft-recovery rectifiers

Soft recovery, low leakage current, narrow parametric spread, and intrinsic ruggedness are the key characteristics of ST’s new 1200 V ultrafast rectifier ‘S12’ series. With a thermal runaway guard band, these 1200 V rectifiers outstrip competition with a low recovery charge and soft-recovery feature that reduce ringing and electrical noise as well as power losses. 

With a current rating of 8, 15, 30 or 75 A, this series is ideal for heavy-duty applications that depend on long-term reliability including industrial power supplies, motor control and similar mission-critical systems requiring rectification and freewheeling as well as auxiliary functions such as snubber, bootstrap and demagnetization.