Evaluation board for L9942XP microstepping fully integrated motor driver

The EVAL-L9942 is the Evaluation Board designed to provide the user a platform to evaluate the device L9942.

The L9942 is a motor driver for bipolar stepper motors with micro-stepping and programmable current profile look-up-table to allow a flexible adaptation of the motor characteristics and intended operating conditions.

Different current profiles can be chosen depending on target criteria: audible noise, vibrations, rotation speed or torque.

The decay mode used in PWM-current control circuit can be programmed to have slow, fast, mixed and auto-decay.

The programmable stall detection is useful to avoid running the motor too long time in stall position minimizing the noise.

The EVAL-L9942 board provides all the inputs and outputs capabilities necessary to drive correctly a bipolar stepper motor and also to monitoring diagnostic functionalities.

The board can be connected to the discovery boards developed for the SPC56 microcontroller.

Key Features

  • Input signal connector compatible with the SPC56 Discovery boards. Possibility to connect the board to further microcontroller discovery or control boards by a simple adaptor.
  • Two output terminal blocks.
  • Wide supply voltage range (VBatt ): 7 V ÷ 20 V.
  • 2 LEDs for monitoring VBatt and EN signal.
  • Device controlled and programmed via SPI.
  • L9942 diagnostic functions via SPI.
  • Test points to monitoring both input signals (SPI, PWM, EN, StepClock) and the four outputs (out power stage).
  • No heat-sink is required





Description Version Size
DB2143 DB2143: EVAL-L9942 2.0 319 KB
Description Version Size
UM1707 UM1707: EVAL-L9942 3.0 2 MB
UM1947 UM1947: EVAL-L9942 Graphical User Interface 2.0 5 MB


Board Manufacturing Specifications
Description Version Size
EVAL-L9942_pcb layout 1 MB
Bill of Materials
Description Version Size
EVAL-L9942 BOM 1.0 43 KB
Schematic Pack
Description Version Size
EVAL-L9942 schematic 3.0 245 KB


Description Version Size
Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB


Evaluation Tool Software


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EVAL-L9942 Active 58.8 1 NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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EVAL-L9942 ActiveNot compliant

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