150 W inverter featuring the L639x and STGD3HF60HD for 1-shunt based sinusoidal vector control and trapezoidal scalar control

The STEVAL-IHM032V1 demonstration board is a 3-phase inverter designed to perform both the field-oriented control (FOC) of sinusoidal-shaped back-EMF permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and trapezoidal control of brushless DC (BLDC) motors with or without sensors, with nominal power up to 150 W.

This flexible, open, high-performance system based on the L639x and STGD3HF60HD is specifically designed to achieve fast and accurate conditioning of the current feedback, thereby matching the requirements typical of high-end applications such as field-oriented motor control.

The board is compatible with 110 and 230 Vac mains, and includes a power supply stage with the VIPer12A-E (in flyback configuration) to generate the +15 V and +3.3 V supply voltage required by the application. Finally, the board can be interfaced through a dedicated connector with the STM3210xx-EVAL (STM32 microcontroller demonstration board), STEVAL-IHM022V1 (high-density, dual motor control demonstration board based on the STM32F103ZE microcontroller), and with the STEVAL-IHM033V1 (control stage based on the STM32F100 microcontroller suitable for motor control).

Key Features

  • Compact size
  • Wide-range input voltage
  • Maximum power up to 150 W at 230 Vac input
  • STGD3HF60HD: 4.5 A, 600 V very fast IGBT
  • Compatibility with other power switches in DPAK packages (the STD5N52U and STGD6NC60HD, for example)
  • AC or DC bus voltage power supply connectors
  • Connector for interfacing with the STM3210xx-EVAL board, STEVAL-IHM022V1, and STEVAL-IHM033V1 with alternate functions (current reference, current limitation/regulation, method selection, current boost)
  • Efficient DC/DC power supply (15 V, 3.3 V)
  • Suitable both for sinusoidal FOC and trapezoidal BLDC drive
  • Single-shunt current reading topology with fast operational amplifier (with offset insertion for bipolar currents)
  • Hardware overcurrent protection with boost capabilities
  • Temperature sensor
  • BEMF-detection network for BLDC drive
  • Current regulation/limitation network for BLDC drive
  • Hall sensor/quadrature encoder inputs





Description Version Size
DB1470 DB1470: 150 W inverter featuring the L639x and STGD3HF60HD for 1-shunt based sinusoidal vector control and trapezoidal scalar control 1.1 134 KB
Description Version Size
UM1078 UM1078: 150 W inverter featuring L639x and STGD3HF60HD for 1-shunt based sinusoidal vector control and trapezoidal scalar control 2.1 730 KB
UM1077 UM1077: Control stage based on STM32F100CB microcontroller dedicated for motor control with user interface via serial communication 2.2 629 KB


Board Manufacturing Specifications
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STEVAL-IHM032V1 gerber files 1.0 126 KB
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Schematic Pack
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STEVAL-IHM032V1 schematics 1.0 80 KB


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X-NUCLEO expansion boards motor control - Selection guide 1.0 458 KB
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Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB


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