New MEMS accelerometers for airbag central unit (ACU) complete ST’s airbag kit

STMicroelectronics has introduced two central airbag crash sensors alongside its peripheral crash sensors, airbag system ICs, and safety microcontrollers, creating a complete airbag-electronics kit that supports functional-safety requirements.

The AIS1120SX and AIS2120SX single- and dual-axis 120g in-plane MEMS accelerometers are designed to be mounted in the vehicle’s Airbag Control Unit (ACU) responsible for evaluating the sensor data and triggering the appropriate restraint system.

The sensors interact with an airbag system IC and a safety microcontroller, which coordinate airbag activation.

A choice of three airbag system ICs, the L9678P, L9679P, and L9680 meet the demands of applications ranging from entry or mid-level to high-end vehicles with multiple airbag firing loops. Click here for further information about airbag system ICs.


Teseo Draw enables 3D navigation

New firmware fuses satellite data with vehicle-sensor data for advanced 3D navigation

TESEO DRAW sensor fusion firmware merges the satellite information with data from vehicle sensors such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and wheel-speed sensors, to calculate location accurately in three dimensions including elevation. If the satellite signal is poor, TESEO DRAW compensates for the loss of accuracy, and if the signal becomes unavailable, navigation continues uninterrupted based on calculated location (dead reckoning).

With the new Teseo DRAW firmware, ST provides a unified platform comprising navigation engines, 3D positioning capability, and motion sensors. The firmware is loaded on Teseo III multi-constellation receivers.

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