• 系统级封装(SiP)在6轴或9轴单片式解决方案内整合了加速器、陀螺仪和磁力计。
  • INEMO-M1板上系统,板上配有STM32微控制器的9轴IMU,简便易用,并且用户可以对其进行编程。
  • iNEMO Engine,是基于专用滤波和预测算法的传感器融合软件套装。iNEMO引擎能够智能对比来自于多个传感器的不同数据,并不受环境条件的影响,从而实现最佳性能。


LSM6DSL and LSM6DSM combine OIS and motion-tracking

Ultra-low-power 6-Axis MEMS sensor modules for “always-on” motion-sensing

ST’s new ultra-low-power LSM6DSL and LSM6DSM highly miniaturized 6-axis MEMS inertial modules reduce power consumption by as much as 50% over current-generation products, enabling a much longer “always-on” motion-sensing that results in an enhanced user experience for battery-powered applications.

In addition to supporting main OS requirements, these modules offer real, virtual and batch sensors with up to 4 Kbytes for dynamic data batching for advanced pedometer, timestamp, wrist tilt and many other smart functions. Specifically designed for OIS applications, the LSM6DSM comes with a new low-noise gyroscope and configurable filter as well as a dedicated additional processing and serial port that together improve camera-OIS performance. Both devices are available in 14-lead LGA modules (2.5 x 3 x 0.83 mm) that are pin-and-footprint compatible with LSM6DS3/H devices.

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