STM32F411微控制器属于STM32 Dynamic Efficiency™系列。这些器件为高性能F4系列的入门产品,提供了动态功耗(运行模式)和处理性能之间的最佳平衡,同时在3 x 3 mm的小封装内集成了大量的增值特性。

STM32F411 MCU集成Cortex®-M4内核(具有浮点单元),工作频率为100 MHz,同时还能在运行和停机模式下实现出色的低功耗性能。

STM32F411新的批量数据获取模式(BAM),对数据批处理进行了功耗优化,将Dynamic Efficiency提升到了一个新的水平。此BAM可通过通信外设进行批量数据交换,同时器件的其它部分(包括CPU)可处于省电模式。

  • 性能: 在100 MHz频率下,从Flash存储器执行时,STM32F411能够提供125 DMIPS/339 CoreMark性能,并且利用意法半导体的ART加速器实现了FLASH零等待状态。DSP指令和浮点运算单元扩大了产品的应用范围。
  • 功效: 该系列产品采用意法半导体90 nm工艺和ART加速器,具有动态功耗调整功能,能够在从Flash存储器执行时实现低至100 µA/MHz的电流消耗。停机模式下,功耗低至10 µA。
  • 集成度:STM32F411器件具有高达256至512 KB的Flash存储器和高达128 KB的SRAM。提供从49到100引脚多种封装。
    • 3路USART,速度高达12.5 Mbit/s,
    • 5路SPI(I2S复用),速度高达50 Mbit/s,
    • 3路I²C,高达1Mbps
    • 1x SDIO,频率高达48MHz,且所有封装均提供,
    • 1个USB 2.0 OTG(全速),
    • 2路全双工I²S,高达32位/192KHz,
    • 3路单工I²S,高达32位/192KHz,
    • 速度高达2.4 MSPS的12位ADC,
    • 11个频率高达100 MHz的16和32位定时器

Less dynamic current. More performance.

STM32 Dynamic Efficiency

STM32 Dynamic Efficiency stands for the reduction of Power consumption in run mode with a simultaneous increase in Performance and Integration (P2I), and is achieved with the following technologies:

  • ST's Adaptive Real Time (ART) Accelerator, a combination of prefetch queue and branch cache allowing zero-wait execution from embedded Flash. Execution from the branch speeds up the system, reduces the access to the Flash and reduces power consumption.
  • ST's 90 nm process bringing less dynamic power consumption while offering more integration and performance.
  • Dynamic voltage scaling, allowing to adjust the core voltage to the required execution speed on-the-fly, so that the device consumes just as much power as really needed to achieve a given performance. 

Experience Dynamic Efficiency now with the STM32F401 and STM32F411product lines.

STM32F4 Access lines: Entry level and still an F4!

The STM32F4 Access lines are made of STM32F401STM32F410,STM32F411 and STM32F412 devices. They are the entry-level STM32F4 microcontrollers for cost-conscious applications requiring performance, energy efficiency, integration and connectivity.

Access line, but still with performance and power efficiency:

  • Performance up to 100 MHz/ 125 DMIPS with dynamic efficiency down to 89 µA/MHz in Run mode
  • ST's Adaptive Real Time (ART) accelerator allowing zero-wait execution from embedded Flash memory
  • Batch Acquisition Mode (BAM) for Always-on data collection, even when the core is stopped, and dynamic power scaling
  • Low-power digital microphone interface for acquisition of up to 4 microphones

Access line, but still with high integration and compactness:

  • Wide memory choice from 128 Kbytes of Flash / 32 Kbytes of RAM up to 1 Mbyte of Flash / 256 Kbytes of RAM
  • Smallest Cortex-M4 based device available in the entire STM32 portfolio, down to 2.553 mm x 2.579 mm

Access line, but still with rich connectivity:

  • Up to 10 UARTs, USB OTG FS, 2xCANs,  and up to 5 SPI/I2S interfaces
  • LCD parallel interface, 8080/6800 modes
  • QSPI and FMC parallel interfaces supporting a large choice of external memory types

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