VIPer®高压转换器系列产品由集成了PWM控制器和700 V HV垂直功率MOSFET的单片集成电路IC组成。

VIPerPlus具有800 V耐雪崩功率MOSFET和顶级PWM控制器,静态功耗低于30 mW(@265 VAC)。该产品同样配有全面保护特性,并支持不同的拓扑结构。

Altair系列产品具有内置900 V耐雪崩功率MOSFET和PWM控制器,专为无光耦应用而设计,从而可显著减少元件数量。

New VIPer0P with unique zero-power mode

Introducing the VIPer0P high-voltage converter with jittered fixed-frequency current-mode PWM control for simplified EMI compliance and zero-power mode (ZPM) with an astounding < 4 mW (at 230 VAC) consumption. VIPer0P can enter and exit ZPM when the low voltage input/output pins (OFF or ON) are pulled to ground so a small and inexpensive safety extreme low voltage (SELV) switch can replace the bulky mains switch. The VIPer0P embeds a set of protections – including over-current protection (OCP), VCC clamp, maximum duty cycle and flux runaway – to enable a more robust and safer SMPS design.

The VIPer0p is ideal for all SMPS up to 7 W having a wide input voltage range including:

  • Home appliances compliant with EuP Lot6 energy regulation
  • Industrial equipment or digital consumer goods

Explore all the key benefits of the VIPer0P high-voltage converter with unique zero-power mode with the STEVAL-ISA174V1 non-isolated, flyback 6 W SMPS evaluation board.