The VIPerPlus series of high-voltage converters combines an 800 V avalanche-rugged MOSFET with a leading-edge PWM controller. With extremely low total standby consumption (less than 4 mW at 230 VAC)  and high efficiency over a wide load range, VIPerPlus devices enable SMPS designs meeting the most demanding energy-saving regulations with enhanced reliability and scalability, and can cut in half the component count.

High-voltage converters - VIPerPlus

  • The VIPer0P is characterized by a unique zero-power mode and is ideal for all SMPS up to 7 W with a wide input voltage range. The device also integrates an error amplifier and a logic-level MOSFET, simplifying the design of compact and ultra-low consumption SMPS (buck or flyback) with a 5 V output voltage.
  • The VIPerPlus series 1 integrates an error amplifier and a logic-level MOSFET that makes it possible to build a simple and ultra-low consumption SMPS (buck, buck-boost or flyback) with a 5 V output voltage. A unique overvoltage protection and the 18 VDC drain voltage start up make it robust and reliable.
  • The VIPerPlus series 5 provides the highest efficiency using a quasi-resonant topology.
  • The VIPerPlus series 6 integrates an error amplifier to meet the most advanced SMPS requirements, reducing the part count.
  • The VIPerPlus series 7 features brown out and overvoltage protection for improved reliability.
  • The VIPerPlus series 8 offers peak power capability to sustain 1 to 2 second overloads for enhanced robustness.

A plus in reliability
800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET, thermal shutdown, soft start, short-circuit protection and auto-restart features

A plus in efficiency
High efficiency over a wide range load and best-in-class in standby with less than 4 mW at 230 VAC.

A plus in integration
Direct feedback, jittered switching frequency for low EMC, embedded HV start-up, embedded SenseFET MOSFET, and clamp-less design.

A plus in versatility
Power scalability from a few watts up to 15 W, with optional auxiliary winding, and available in through-hole or SMD packages, supporting all SMPS topologies.

High-voltage converters - VIPerPlus series

VIPer01实现5 V输出电压的超低功耗SMPS

VIPer01高压变频器集成800 V耐雪崩逻辑电平MOSFET,具有PWM电流模式控制和多重保护电路,使设计人员能够设计出采用5 V输出、反激式、降压或降压-升压型配置的简单的超低功耗SMPS。 它非常适用于家电、建筑、照明、运动控制等低功率应用,以及小型工业和消费应用。 其集成的高压启动、传感FET、误差放大器和具有抖动的振荡器最大程度地减少了设计一个完整应用所需的外部元件的数量。





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