Li-Ion Linear Battery Charger with LDO

The STNS01 is a linear charger for single-cell Li-Ion batteries integrating an LDO regulator and several battery protection functions.

The STNS01 uses a CC/CV algorithm to charge the battery; the fast-charge current can be programmed using an external resistor. Pre-charge current and termination current are scaled accordingly. The floating voltage value is 4.2 V.

The input supply voltage is normally used to charge the battery and provide power to the LDO regulator. When a valid input voltage is not present and the battery is not empty, the device automatically switches to battery power.

The STNS01 integrates overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent protection circuitry to prevent the battery from being damaged under fault conditions. It also features a charger enable input to stop the charging process when battery overtemperature is detected by an external circuitry.

When the shutdown mode is activated, the battery power consumption is reduced to less than 500 nA to maximize battery life during shelf time or shipping. The device is available in the DFN12L (3x3x0.75 mm) package.

Key Features

  • Charges single-cell Li-Ion batteries with CC/CV algorithm and charge termination
  • Charge current programmable up to 200 mA
  • 1% accuracy on floating voltage (4.2 V)
  • Integrated 3.1 V LDO regulator
  • Automatic power path management
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Battery overcurrent protection
  • Charging timeout
  • Very low battery leakage in over-discharge/shutdown mode
  • Low quiescent current
  • Charge/fault status output
  • Charger enable input
  • Available in a DFN12L (3x3x0.75 mm) package



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DS9672 DS9672: Li-Ion linear battery charger with LDO 4.0 2 MB


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Linear and Switching Voltage Regulators Selection Guide 3.0 370 KB
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Brochure Power management guide 09.2017 4 MB


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