• 兼容英特尔服务器VR12/VR12.5和VR13
  • 可通过PMBus和SVID来灵活配置
  • 完整的数字PWM方案,可以支持6+1,4+1,3+1和1+1 相位控制
  • STVCOT™ 可以保证超快速的瞬态响应,稳定状态下固定频率操作,轻载下的超高效率并且微调方便
  • 电源输入,电源输出,Vin,Vout和温度信息等关键参数都可以通过数字控制器来输出并在GUI上显示
  • 嵌入式非易失存储器可以存储配置的参数并可以保证黑盒子记录器工作
  • 自动调节的补偿网络可以简化应用并且可以自动补偿系统老化带来的参数漂移
  • 紧凑的解决方案减少电路板空间并降低外部或集成MOSFET驱动器的成本

Digital multiphase controllers

The PM6773 and PM6776 are 12 V input, dual-channel, multi-phase 3+1 (PM6773) and 6+1 (PM6776) devices. They are PMBus™-programmable and feature embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) for storing configuration data. The PMBus communication interface also allows reporting of voltage, current, power, temperature, and fault status. In addition, both devices include a valuable black-box recorder function.
They are available now in VFQFPN48 6x6 mm and VFQFPN40 5x5 mm, with universal footprint and pinout for multi-sourcing.

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