ST 的绝缘栅双极型晶体管(IGBT) 击穿电压为 350 V 至 1300 V,切换性能与低通态特性之间达到最佳匹配,可全面提高系统设计能效。 ST 还推出新型简单、高性能交流电机驱动器件 IGBT 智能模块系列,最大功率 2 kW。


1200 V IGBT S series

Optimized for use in low-frequency (up to 8 kHz), hard-switching topologies, ST’s S series of 1200 V IGBTs feature the industry’s lowest V CE(sat) among 1200 V IGBTs currently on the market. Based on ST’s third-generation of trench-gate field-stop technology, they increase the efficiency of power supplies, welders and industrial motor drive applications thanks to the optimal trade-off between conduction and switching performance combined with outstanding robustness and EMI characteristics. Available in 15 A, 25 A and 40 A current ratings, they feature a 175°C maximum operating junction temperature, a 10 µs min short-circuit withstand time and a wide safe operating area (SOA).

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