ST’s MDmesh K5 series feature the industry’s best R DS(on) and figure of merit for increased power density and efficiency in applications such as LED lighting, metering, solar inverters, 3-phase auxiliary power supplies and welding. They are available at 800 V, 850 V, 900 V, 950 V, 1050 V, 1200 V.

Key features and benefits:

  • Industry’s lowest RDS(on) for increased efficiency and more compact designs
  • Industry’s best figure of merit (FoM)

World’s first 1500 V super-junction MOSFETs

ST has extended its portfolio of super-junction MDmesh K5 MOSFETs with the introduction of the industry’s first 1500 V devices. They provide the lowest R DS(on) per area and lowest gate charge (down to 47 nC), resulting in the industry’s best figure of merit (FoM). The higher breakdown voltage ensures a higher safety margin for more robust and reliable applications. They are ideal for wide input voltage range auxiliary power supplies in high-power applications such as solar inverters, factory automation, industrial drives and welding.

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