- 针对大多数支付和传输方案经过预认证,包括EMVCo、PBOC、Visa、MC、Amex、Discover和MIFARE®,使客户能够方便、快捷地确保移动交易的安全性 - 一个完整的开发生态系统包括参考设计、扩展板、预认证服务以及集成到最流行的TSM,以帮助缩短产品上市时间,减少开发成本。

Industry cooperation to enable Turnkey NFC solutions

Mobile payments are expected to see triple-digit growth in the coming years, with contactless transport ticketing also rising fast in Asia, notably in China’s largest cities. They are primarily enabled by Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

By integrating ST21NFCD,  ST54F and ST54H secure NFC solutions with the MediaTek mobile platforms, the two partners help mobile OEMs overcome key technical challenges such as antenna design and integration, antenna miniaturization, and bill-of-material optimization while assuring interoperability with payment terminals in locations like retailers and transportation hubs.

The solution makes mobile payments easy, dependable, and private, while protecting against cybersecurity threats including eavesdropping and hacking.

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