SCR是面向脉冲模式或半波桥接电路的开关器件。意法半导体SCR的额定RMS电流高达50 A、额定电压高达1200 V,采用各种通孔和表面贴装封装。由于栅极触发电流非常低,所以灵敏的SCR易于驱动。它们适于必须具有低功耗特性的小功率应用。


Thyristors (SCR) portfolio

40 A on-state RMS current-rated SCRs to complete our existing range of 12 to 20 A range of high-temperature thyristors

The new TN4015H series of SCRs are more gate-sensitive compared with previous generations, while delivering best-in-class electrical noise immunity and ever-increasing the reliability of the end products.
Operating with junction temperatures of up to 150 °C, these SCRs are available in 3 package versions:
       • D²PAK as TN4015H-6G/-TR,
       • TO-220AB as TN4015H-6T,
       • TO-220AB insulated package as TN4015H-6I