ST's portfolio of rad-hard operational amplifiers for aerospace applications include low-noise, low-power, high-speed devices, all guaranteed up to 300 krad.

Rad-hard op-amps offer very good performances inside many applications such as communication satellites and space data acquisition. They are available with single- and dual-ranging supply voltage from 3 V up to 16 V, currents ranging from 200 µA up to 16 mA, a max frequency of up to 1 GHz and a minimum gain of 1. ST’s proprietary technologies used for this voltage range are BiCMOS and 0.25 µm CMOS.

The available packages are Flat8 and Flat8S.

Single and quad CMOS op amps with improved radiation immunity for satellite applications

Our range of rad-hard op amps is expanding to include the RHR61 (single) and RHR64 (quad) rail-to-rail op amps delivered in hermetic ceramic packages and available as engineering models. These precision, low-power op amps feature:

·        Unity gain stable on 100 pF load

·        Very low power supply: 1.5 to 5.5 V

·        Very low consumption: 60 μA (max.)

·        Low offset voltage (<1 mV) maximum and input bias: (<1 pA)

·        Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs

·        100 krad TID (high-dose rate)

·        SEL immune at 120 MeV.cm²/mg

SET characterized 

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