The availability of the ST powerful processing devices enable the integration in a single module of two distinct automotive applications as the Body Control Module (BCM) and the Gateway. 

The body control module requires high reliability electronic components to manage a variety of body, security and convenience functions. Most modern systems can drive a large variety of loads: from lamps (incandescent, HID, Xenon, LED) with advanced diagnostics (bulb outage detection, overload, etc.) and drive features (PWM, DC) to motors substituting existing electromechanical relays. Moreover, many of them can also manage, with the required security, immobilizer and remote keyless entry (RKE) systems.

The gateway controller serves as a communication bridge between the various networks inside the vehicle and manage the communication with external interfaces. Modern cars architectures implement different protocols to allow communication between the various module typologies operating on the car, including CAN (low, high speed), LIN, ISO-9141, FlexRay, Ethernet and J1850.

Those functions can be also implemented stand alone or integrated with other applications. Regardless the implementation ST, with a broad portfolio of BCD, CMOS and power technologies, can provide complete BCM and gateway solutions, including bus transceivers, regulators and high performance microcontrollers with network protocol handlers’ on-chip. A sampling of ST products that are applicable to the integration of those systems can be found in the following block diagram.