The more and more demanding emissions regulations as well as requests for increased fuel economy have driven the most recent innovations in powertrain control applications.

The request for efficiency has revolutionized the requirements in all the related powertrain applications which are increasingly adopting sophisticated solutions requiring more processing power, safety and security levels.

ST provides silicon solutions for a broad range of Engine Management Systems, from motorbikes to multi-cylinder Gasoline Direct Injection and common-rail diesel engines as well as transmission control and actuation.
Thanks to a wide ASIC and ASSP product range, ST can propose solutions for cost-effective highly integrated systems up to the most advanced multi-cylinder DCT drive-by-wire solutions.
Key enabling products are:

  • 32-bit Automotive Microcontrollers based on Power cores
  • Standard Low-side, High-side and Bridge Smart Power Devices  for driving solenoids, DC motors and stepper motors
  • Dedicated ICs for actuator driving, charging and power management
  • One of the industry’s broadest ranges of Power MOSFETs and IGBTs