The Type-C and USB Power Delivery protocol integrate power capability and intelligence in the power negotiation making universal adapters from 15W up to 100W a reality for devices.

ST has a proven track record on high-efficiency, low-power standby power supply solutions through a complete product offer covering flyback and PFC architectures:

  • High efficient and fully integrated AC-DC controllers enabling high efficiency and low EMI design AC-DC controllers.
  • Wide Diodes and Power MOSFETs product range with reduced switching losses, easy driving features and lower design complexity for Flyback, PFC and LLC topologies.
  • DC-DC switching converters with highly specialized products to meet every market requirements.
  • A complete protection and filtering solutions for USB Type-C cables and connectors.
  • Strong USB Type-C compliant authentication services to distinguish authorized devices from unwanted ones.

Our Type-C wall charger utilizes our latest solutions to enable USB Power Delivery PD 2.0 up to 5 A and 20 V within small factor and high power density through AC-DC Controller and integrated high voltage protections of STUSBxx PD Controller or by integrating secondary rectification in the PD Controller STM32xx based.