USB PD and Type-C promise revolution in the wide accessories market: from dock station to multimedia hubs to every single object that connect two or more devices to the power or data. The convergences of protocols allow to simplify the industrial design and imagine a new scenario.

ST has a proven track record on consumer digital products and offer modularity and flexibility to optimize partitioning and strong authentication services. Chipsets have been designed to offer designers the flexibility to optimize stack partitioning and BOM:

  • HW flexibility: a mix of integration and flexibility using Analog Front End or integrated companion USB Type-C  controller with STM32.
  • SW Flexibility: Embedded SW for STM32 using discrete Analog Front End PHY or USB Type-C controller STUSB1602.
  • Highest integration with high voltage controllers (STUSB1602, STUSB47).
  • Compliancy with USB Type-C 1.2 and USB PD 2.0, a roadmap to cover TCPC/TCPM topology and 3.0 compliance.
  • Strong USB Type-C compliant authentication services to distinguish authorized devices from unwanted ones.