Being totally committed to the development and promotion of NFC technology, ST's solution cover :

  • The ST33 family designed for SWP-SIM, with 512 Kbytes to 1.2 Mbytes of Flash  with or without MIFARE, ST33 solutions for embedded secure elements, terminal host (baseband) NFC stack firmware.
  • NFC Controller : The ST21NFCA offers a ready-to use solution covering all the contact interfaces to the terminal processor.It also includes drivers for all standard RF protocols. It provides a flexible and open solution for a market in evolution by integrating a microcontroller and embedded non-volatile memory that allow an efficient and easy upgrade of the firmware and user functions.
  • Secure element  :The ST33 family has been designed to meet these advanced security and performance requirements, combining the latest 90 nm Flash technologies with the highest security levels on the ARM SC300 (secure ARM CortexTM-M3).With Flash densities ranging from 512 Kbytes to 1.2 Mbytes and a SWP interface for NFC connectivity, its unrivalled performance and high security level (including CC-EAL5+ certification) make the ST33 family ideal for supporting SIM-centric contactless applications, including the latest transport/ticketing MIFARE technologies