Wearable technology is on the rise in personal and business use in a vast array of devices (wearables) that monitor, record and provide feedback on us and our environment.

Two of the key considerations when it comes to designing a wearable application are energy efficiency and size. ST has designed a range of products with these considerations in mind, which ensure the best performance for your wearable device : ultra-low-power processing and connectivity, power and energy management, and sensors.

Featured applications:

Development ecosystem

ST helps make the development of wearable devices fast and simple with a wide range of 32-bit MCU development boards and adapted expansion boards equipped with various motion and environmental sensors and wireless communication technologies (Bluetooth Low Energy/NFC). Our continuously expanding IoT development ecosystem includes the STM32 Open Development Environment and  provides an affordable and flexible way to try out new ideas and build prototypes based on the STM32 microcontroller line. Developers can choose from various combinations of MCU performance, power consumption and features and  combine them with state of-the-art ST components for the rest of the system. Prototypes can quickly been turned into final product using the same hardware components and software developed during the prototyping phase.