Fluorescent lamps are the most widespread light source in industrial, commercial and domestic environments thanks to their impressive performance. 

Available for many years in tube form in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they feature higher luminous efficiency, better color rendering, longer lifetime and reduced energy consumption than conventional light bulbs. 
High-efficiency, high frequency electronic ballasts ensure superior fluorescent lighting performance and additional energy saving while eliminating visible flicker and audible noise while meeting the latest safety EMI and energy regulations.
Legislation in many markets that has stopped the sale of the less efficient incandescent markets has driven dramatic growth in the Compact Fluorescent Lamp that combines all the advantages of fluorescent lamps with the familiar connections and outline of incandescent bulbs.  
ST’s key enabling products to cover the full range of electronic ballasts are:
  • PWM and PFC controller ICs
  • Dedicated ballast driver ICs
  • High voltage bipolar power transistors
  • High voltage Power MOSFETs
  • Ultrafast rectifiers
  • 8-bit microcontrolllers