LED traffic signal applications may cover a very wide range, from portable or permanent traffic message signs to solar-powered traffic lights and signals. In addition to the LED driving section, the most advanced systems require smart sensing and timing for reliable applications, connectivity capability for remote programming and monitoring, and GPS tracking for cost effective maintenance. For energy efficient applications, solar energy can be used to supply the whole system. STMicroelectronics offers a wide and high performance product portfolio to meet these system design needs.


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN2809 AN2809: 6-row / 30-mA LED driver with boost converter for the backlight of LCD panels 2.2 720 KB
AN2810 AN2810: 6-row 85 mA LED driver with boost converter for LCD panel backlighting 1.2 572 KB
AN2531 AN2531: Generating multicolor light using RGB LEDs 2.2 865 KB
AN3981 AN3981: LED array drivers 1.1 3 MB
AN2141 AN2141: LED array reference design board 3.2 305 KB
AN2841 AN2841: LED dimming implemented on STM32™ microcontroller 1.5 782 KB
AN3090 AN3090: Power saving and LED status detection using the STP16DPPS05 device 1.2 1 MB
AN2478 AN2478: STP08DP05, STP16DP05 Normal mode and error detection features 3.2 1 MB
AN2415 AN2415: Using the output detection feature of the high-brightness LED driver STP08CDC596 evaluation board 4.4 301 KB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB