Through STMicroelectronics’ partnerships with healthcare device manufacturers, we have been able to contribute innovation to augment a broad portfolio of products already geared to meet the stringent requirements of portable and telehealth monitoring applications including:-

  •  Portable AEDs
  •  Portable ECGs
  •  Blood pressure meters
  •  Glucose meters
  •  Digital thermometers
  •  Blood oximetry
  •  Hearing aids. 

Portable, hand-held, and battery-operated systems typically require extremely low power along with high performance for intensive data processing.  Telehealth monitoring systems connect patients wirelessly or directly with their providers and can track important vital sign data to help improve people’s lives.  
Key enabling products are:-

  •  8 and 32-bit Ultra-low power microcontrollers
  •  MEMS motion, pressure and magnetic sensors
  •  Wired and wireless connectivity ICs
  •  Touch screen controllers
  •  Protection devices
  •  Battery management ICs