STMicroelectronics is a leading semiconductor supplier in the mobile industry and provides solutions to both mobile platform suppliers and mobile device manufacturers (OEM/ODM). ST has proven products for the cellular handset and mobile device markets and ships billions of products to the mobile industry every year.
These products include the world's most deployed MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, compasses and inertial modules, state-of-the-art analog and digital MEMS microphones, high-quality audio headphone and speaker amplifiers, touch-sensor controllers with multi-touch capabilities, global Near Field Communication and secure element solutions, a wide RF product offer based on Integrated passive device technology, ESD protection and EMI filtering products (IPAD™), interface devices, level translators, I/O expanders, analog switches, supervisors and smart resets, camera system solutions with image sensors, camera modules and image signal processors, high-efficiency power management devices and innovative lighting management solutions.

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