Stepper Motor Driver for Bipolar Motors with microstepping & programmable current profile

The L9942 is an integrated stepper motor driver for bipolar stepper motors with microstepping and programmable current profile look-up-table to allow a flexible adaptation of the stepper motor characteristics and intended operating conditions. It is possible to use different current profiles depending on target criteria: audible noise, vibrations, rotation speed or torque. The decay mode used in PWM-current control circuit can be programmed to slow-, fast-, mixed-and auto-decay. In autodecay mode device will use slow decay mode if the current for the next step will increase and the fast decay or mixed decay mode if the current will decrease. The programmable stall detection is useful in case of head lamp leveling and bending light application, by preventing to run the motor too long time in stall for position alignment. If a stall is detected, the alignment process is closed and the noise is minimized.

Key Features

  • Two full bridges for max. 1.3 A load(RDSON = 500 mΩ)
  • Programmable current waveform with look-up table: 9 entries with 5 bit resolution
  • Current regulation by integrated PWM controller and internal current sensing
  • Programmable stepping mode: full, half, mini and microstepping
  • Programmable slew rate for EMC and power dissipation optimization
  • Programmable Fast-, Slow-, Mixed- and Auto-Decay Mode
  • Full-scale current programmable with 3 bit resolution
  • Programmable stall detection
  • Step clock input for reduced μController requirements
  • Very low current consumption in standby mode IS < 3 μA, typ. Tj ≤ 85 °C
  • All outputs short circuit protected with openload, overload current, temperature warning and thermal shutdown
  • The PWM signal of the internal PWM controller is available as digital output.
  • All parameters are guaranteed for 3 V < Vcc < 5.3 V and for 7 V < Vs < 20 V

Circuit Diagram

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DS4480 DS4480: Integrated stepper motor driver for bipolar stepper motors with microstepping and programmable current profile 7.0 518 KB
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AN3327 AN3327: L9942 back EMF stall detection algorithm 3.0 761 KB
AN2650 AN2650: L9942 stepper motor driver for bipolar stepper motors 3.1 641 KB
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TA0354 TA0354: Thermal design calculations for integrated stepper motor driver solutions 1.0 266 KB
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UM0839 UM0839: ST L9942 evaluation board 2.0 816 KB

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