Automotive fully integrated H-bridge motor driver

The VNH5050A-E is a full bridge motor driver intended for a wide range of automotive applications. The device incorporates a dual monolithic high-side driver and two low-side switches. All switches are designed using STMicroelectronics®well known and proven proprietary VIPower®M0 technology that allows to efficiently integrate on the same die a true Power MOSFET with an intelligent signal/protection circuitry. The three dies are assembled in a PowerSSO-36 TP package on electrically isolated lead frames. This package, specifically designed for the harsh automotive environment offers improved thermal performance thanks to exposed die pads. Moreover, its fully symmetrical mechanical design allows superior manufacturability at board level. The input signals INAand INBcan directly interface to the microcontroller to select the motor direction and the brake condition. The DIAGA/ENAor DIAGB/ENB, when connected to an external pull-up resistor, enables one leg of the bridge. Each DIAGA/ENAprovides a digital diagnostic feedback signal as well. The normal operating condition is explained in the truth table. The CS pin allows monitoring the motor current by delivering a current proportional to its value when CS_DIS pin is driven low or left open. When CS_DIS is driven high, CS pin is in high impedance condition. The PWM, up to 20 KHz, allows to control the speed of the motor in all possible conditions. In all cases, a low level state on the PWM pin turns off both the LSAand LSBswitches.

Key Features

  • Output current: 30 A
  • 3 V CMOS compatible inputs
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown
  • Overvoltage clamp
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Cross-conduction protection
  • Current and power limitation
  • Very low standby power consumption
  • PWM operation up to 20 KHz
  • Protection against loss of ground and loss of VCC
  • Current sense output proportional to motor current
  • Output protected against short to ground and short to VCC
  • Package: ECOPACK®

Circuit Diagram

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DS6398 DS6398: Automotive fully integrated H-bridge motor driver 11.0 720 KB
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AN4892 AN4892: VIPower M0-5 H-bridges - hardware design guide 2.0 2 MB

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VNH5050ATR-E ActivePSSO 36AutomotiveEcopack2
VNH5050A-E ActivePSSO 36AutomotiveEcopack2

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