ST's Teseo II and Teseo III single-chip GNSS receivers are compatible with multiple navigation systems, including the US GPS, European Galileo, Russia's GLONASS, Japan's QZSS, and Chinese BeiDou (only STA8089 and STA8090 series).

These families of receivers combine high positioning accuracy and indoor sensitivity performance with powerful processing capabilities and superior design flexibility.

Teseo II and Teseo III are ideal for E-call, ERA-Glonass, telematics, handheld devices, PND (portable navigation devices), marine and in-car navigation systems.

The Teseo III product family is offered in two series:

  • The STA8089 series adds support for the BeiDou constellation to devices that remain pin-to-pin compatible with the Teseo II series, to enable fast customer-application migration.
  • The STA8090 series series adds a new, more efficient power-management unit, along with support for China’s BeiDou satellites.