Serial I²C bus real-time clock (RTC) with battery switchover

The M41T8x are low-power serial I2C real-time clocks (RTCs) with a built-in 32.768 kHz oscillator (external crystal-controlled for the QFN16 and SO8 packages, embedded crystal for the SOX18 package). Eight bytes of the register map (see Table 2 on page 23) are used for the clock/calendar function and are configured in binary-coded decimal (BCD) format. An additional 17 bytes of the register map provide status/control of the two alarms, watchdog, 8-bit counter, and square wave functions. An additional seven bytes are made available as user SRAM.

Addresses and data are transferred serially via a two-line, bidirectional I2C interface. The built-in address register is incremented automatically after each WRITE or READ data byte. The M41T8x has a built-in power sense circuit which detects power failures and automatically switches to the battery supply when a power failure occurs. The energy needed to sustain the clock operations can be supplied by a small lithium button battery when a power failure occurs.

Functions available to the user include a non-volatile, time-of-day clock/calendar, two alarm interrupts, watchdog timer, programmable 8-bit counter, and square wave outputs. The eight clock address locations contain the century, year, month, date, day, hour, minute, second, and tenths/hundredths of a second in 24-hour BCD format. Corrections for 28, 29 (leap year), 30, and 31 day months are made automatically. The M41T83 is supplied in either a QFN16 or an SOX18, 300 mil SOIC which includes an embedded 32 KHz crystal. The SOX18 package requires only a user-supplied battery to provide non-volatile operation. The M41T82 is available only in an SO8 package.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low battery supply current of 365 nA
  • Factory-calibrated accuracy of ±5 ppm typical after 2 reflows (SOX18)
    • Much better accuracies achievable using built-in programmable analog and digital calibration circuits
  • 2.0 V to 5.5 V clock operating voltage
  • Counters for tenths/hundredths of seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, year, and century
  • Automatic switchover and reset output circuitry (fixed reference)
    • M41T83S: VCC = 3.00 V to 5.50 V
    • M41T83R: VCC = 2.70 V to 5.50 V
    • M41T83Z: VCC = 2.38 V to 5.50 V
  • Serial interface supports I2 C bus (400 kHz protocol)
  • Programmable alarm with interrupt function (valid even during battery backup mode)
  • Optional 2nd programmable alarm available
  • Square wave output defaults to 32 KHz on power-up (M41T83 only)
  • RESET (RST ) output
  • Watchdog timer
  • Programmable 8-bit counter/timer
  • 7 bytes of battery-backed user SRAM
  • Battery low flag
  • Low operating current of 80 μA
  • Oscillator stop detection
  • Battery or SuperCap™ backup
  • Operating temperature of –40 °C to 85 °C
  • Package options
    • a 16-lead QFN (M41T83)
    • an 8-lead SOIC (M41T82) or
    • an 18-lead embedded crystal SOIC (M41T83)
  • RoHS compliance: lead-free components are compliant with the RoHS directive

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Product Specifications
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DS4858 DS4858: Serial I2C bus real-time clock (RTC) with battery switchover 18.0 2 MB
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Serial real-time clock ICs 1.0 827 KB

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