ST’s power Schottky diodes combine low voltage-drop characteristics with negligible or zero recovery. They range from 15 to 200 V and from 1 to 240 A, so covering all application needs from OR-ing and 48 V converters, to battery chargers and welding equipment. They are avalanche specified for improved ruggedness.

The latest devices are 60 V, 80 V, 120 V medium VF and IR , and 200 V power Schottky diodes.

They feature a broad package offer, with through-hole and surface mount industry standard outlines, as well as the new PowerFLAT™ package, which is a step further in power density for 30 V and 45 V bypass diodes designed for solar panel junction boxes. The last package introduction from ST is the narrow-leaded TO-220AB package, particularly suited for use in semi-slim or slim-type notebook adapters. Thanks to its narrower lead shoulders, this package can be completely inserted inside the PCB. Power Schottky rectifiers rated at 60 V, 80 V, 100 V and 120 V are already available in this package, and more diodes are to come.

New 200 V power Schottky diodes for LED lighting applications

ST’s STPS2200 2 A, 200 V power Schottky diode is ideal in flyback topologies used for LED bulbs for incandescent bulb replacement. Available in both SMB and SMBflat packages with a thickness of 1 mm, this component is key for PCB integration. For street lighting applications, the STPS2200 used as free-wheeling diode improves the efficiency of the driver circuit of buck topologies.
For higher power applications such as retrofit light tubes, the 2 x 10 A common-cathode STPS20200C provides a higher efficiency than standard ultrafast diodes and helps reduce power consumption in LED lighting SMPS, including forward topologies. The STPS20200C is available in a wide range of packages.